Downloadable College Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet!

(Last Update: August 24, 2023)

Key Advantages of This Cheat Sheet

  • This cheat sheet includes VORP (Value Over Replacement Player), a very good way to compare the value of a player in reference to all eligible positions. VORP is a must have when I draft because I can visually see the drop off in expected fantasy points from a player in the draft to the expected fantasy points of a player that will be available on the waiver wire after the draft.
  • Projections are adjusted to a 12 game fantasy season. Most projections out there seem to include stats from last years bowl/playoff games when making their projections, projecting based on their 14 game season instead of their 12 game fantasy season.
  • Projections are based on play-by-play data. This data is used as a baseline and manual research is done to adjust from there.
  • These projections are updated constantly and are very heavily researched and spot checked against other expert rankings out there as a sanity check. I will differ from other experts on a lot of projections but there should always be a reason behind it.
  • I have included a best ball cheat sheet that attempts to find the players which can boom the most in any random game.

2022 College Fantasy Football Draft Kit Preview